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Joint Statement by 13 European Associations

22 Apr 2021 14:53 | Anonymous

Prepare to re-open quickly for business travel

Business trips domestically, across Europe and globally, as well as trade fairs and congresses are foundations for current and future wealth creation. Our member companies send their engineers out into the world to build plants, commission sales staff to complete new orders globally, and send scientists to institutes and to conferences to facilitate scientific exchange, just to mention a few examples.

In order to make sustainable, domestic and international business trips possible again during and after the corona pandemic we demand:

1. Implementation of Digital Sanitary Certificate 

With EU Digital Green Certificate as a standard, domestic health certificates in many European countries, CommonPass and/or IATA TravelPass, there are plenty initiatives for a digital sanitary certificate. Interoperability between various digital health certificates in Europe and globally is essential. We call for the introduction for such digital certificates as soon as possible, to allow business travelers to move again without restrictions in Europe, and possibly even globally. 

2. No quarantine for healthy travelers when crossing borders

Business travelers should be allowed to cross borders free of quarantine, if they have either recovered from Covid-19, are vaccinated or can present an up-to-date negative PCR test. 

3. Re-open Europe coherently

Restarting business travel in Europe is not only a matter of the European Union or EFTA. All European countries, of course including Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, should act aligned to open their borders for much needed business travel.

Please contact us to learn more how we support the restart of business travel across Europe:


ABTA Austria,                                     DBTA Denmark,

aegve Spain,                                  FBTA Finland,

AFTM France,                                    NATM Netherlands,

AITMM Italy,                                   NBTA Norway,

ASTM Switzerland,                     SBTA Sweden,

BATM Belgium,                                VDR Germany,

CORTAS Netherlands,



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