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  • 28 Aug 2023 12:39 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Dear friends, dear friends of friends

    We urgently need your help! ❣️

    We have been successfully operating the Masar Community Center in Lebanon since January 2026. So far, we have taught, welcomed, sheltered and provided psychological support to over 600 children with their severe trauma.

    In order for us to continue to operate our "Masar Community Center" and to be able to offer education, perspectives and protection to over 140 children per year, we are STRONGLY dependent on donations!

    Therefore, become a part of "Friends4Masar"

    Our goal is to build and expand the "Friends4Masar" circle with you and your friends.

    With an annual recurring donation of CHF 100 (just under 30 centimes per day), you will not only support important education of children in need, but you will also benefit from advantages such as receiving information about events in advance and when there is a sale of new beautiful products such as scarves, soaps and hoodies, etc. for the benefit of the school, you will be given priority.

    The more friends join in, the more money will be raised, and we will be able to continue running our Masar Community Center in Lebanon sustainably.

    For the operation of the school and the various educational programs, we need CHF 150'000 per year.

    Please set up a standing order of at least CHF 100.- on your bank account and register here to enjoy the benefits.

    Also, it is very important that you tell your friends about our project. Thank you for forwarding the message.

    Together we can achieve a lot! Together we are strong!

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts in the name of all children of our school



    Swiss4Lebanon Team



  • 27 Jul 2023 15:17 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    The Annual General Meeting of the France-Switzerland Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, the world's largest professional association in the events segment, was held yesterday in the presence of active members of the association in the French and Swiss markets.

    "I am pleased to inform you that my mandate as President continues alongside Ariane Schmidt, and Elodie Lortal, who were re-elected" said Veronique Holveck. 

    Welcome to the 3 new members elected to the Board of the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter: Marie Holzmann, (Switzerland), VP Membership; María-Elena López-Díaz (Switzerland), Membership Director; Erwan Ly, (France), Co-Director Communication & Marketing.Review of actions and events over the past 12 months, resolutions and presentation of the 2023/2024 action plan....More than ever, the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter is mobilising to raise the profile of the MPI France-Switzerland Chapter, increase its #MICE community and implement a targeted local strategy to develop MPI and its values!

    July, 10th, 2023

  • 28 Jun 2023 16:12 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)
    • It's summertime! And is there any better way to end a busy and successful meeting with a delicious barbecue at the Dorint Hotels & Resorts Switzerland. The cosy atmosphere in the spacious and green garden area of the Essential by Dorint Basel City in Basel, or the Dorint Airport-Hotel Zurich at Zurich Airport are the perfect location for it.

      Book your event now !
      Tel : +41 44 808 10 16 or E-Mail : |

      Our recommendation: «Dorint Signature Barbecue»

      • Salads
        • Seasonal leaf salads | tomato | cucumber | peppers | sweetcorn | carrots | tuna
        • Balsamico dressing | yoghurt dressing | seasonal dressing | toppings
        • Bread selection
      • From the grill
        • Juicy pulled pork | BBQ marinade
        • Tender Beef | coffee chili marinade
        • Jamaika Jerk deboned Chicken
        • Shrimps | garlic herb marinade
      • Grill sauces
        • Grilled sweetcorn with caipirinha butter
        • Multicolored grilled vegetables
        • Pimientos de padrón | Maldon Salz
        • Braised sweetpotato | lemon pepper | cinnamon 
      • Dessert
        • Selection of mini desserts
        • Saisonal fruits

    From CHF 79, - per person*

    * Upon request and subject to availability.

  • 28 Jun 2023 16:08 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    The Cachet Hotel Collection operates three outstanding hotels in Baden: the Trafo Hotel, the Blue City Hotel and the Limmathof Hotel & Spa. Each of these hotels offers a unique atmosphere and meets the different preferences of the guests. The Trafo Hotel impresses with its industrial modern interior and offers convenient online check-in and check-out. The Limmathof Hotel & Spa offers a high-end experience where guests also have access to the spa area. At the Blue City Hotel, guests can expect a cosy living room atmosphere and delicious burger creations.

    All three hotels are located in close proximity to the renowned Trafo Congress Centre, making them ideal accommodation for business travellers.

    The Hotel Kettenbrücke in Aarau offers its guests a comprehensive solution under one roof. Here, business and seminar guests will find excellent gastronomic offerings, beautiful rooms and first-class seminar rooms.

    In spring 2024, the Cachet Hotel Collection will open its first hotel abroad. The Blu Mare Hotel will take its place in Novigrad, Istria, Croatia, underlining the group's commitment to first-class hospitality in new climes.

    The Cachet Hotel Collection thus offers an outstanding selection of first-class hotels that meet guests' individual needs and preferences. With their unique offerings and prime locations, these hotels are the perfect choice for an unforgettable stay.

  • 27 Jun 2023 11:48 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)
    • Mental stress in the work environment has been known for a long time. At the latest since the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of "mental health" has arrived in all organisations. However, not all companies are sufficiently equipped to systematically address mental stress, especially in an international environment, and to implement preventive measures.

      Together with our Switzerland, Germany and Austria DGUV, Gerlach Löscher Littler Rechtsanwälte, Gewerkschaft GPA, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, ISSA Mining, r& associés avocats and TÜV Hessen, the International SOS Foundation has developed a guide in German for assessing mental stress in an international environment.

      The guide provides an overview of legal and professional principles for companies and explains international standards. The methodology of the mental risk assessment is explained in a simple and understandable way and supported with checklists (available in German and English).

      Examples and best practices from the internationally operating companies Sulzer, SAP, OMV support the topic.

      What you will find in the guide:

    • How do companies deal with the internationally different approaches to mental health assessment?
    • How are mental stresses assessed during international professional travel, how are the risks minimised?
    • How can mental health be measured and assessed in the international environment, how can it be tackled preventively?


    Checklist "Psychological Risk Assessment" - Assessing psychosocial risks in an international environment

    According to last year's WHO report on mental health, cases of depression and anxiety disorders worldwide increased by 25 per cent in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic alone. Thus, almost one billion people are living with a mental illness.

    The awareness of how the workplace contributes to mental ill-health has been rising steadily.

    However, not all companies are yet equipped to systematically assess mental risks, especially in an international environment, and to introduce preventative measures.

    At work, preventing mental diseases is about managing psychosocial risks in the workplace. Employers can do this by implementing organisational interventions that assess, and then mitigate, modify or remove workplace risks to mental health.

    The checklist for a workplace psychological safety assessment provides organisations in both, national and international settings, with a tool to implement all steps of a psychological risk assessment.

    The checklist (English) is taken from the paper "Assessing Mental Risks in an International Environment - A Guide to Safety, Health and Well-being for Companies with a Global Workforce", International SOS Foundation, 2023 (German).

    Link to Mental Health Paper and Checklist:

  • 27 Jun 2023 11:43 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)
    • is a web-based procurement portal that enables you to conduct rate negotiations with the hotels of your choice in a structured and efficient manner.

    • users benefit from:

      • Efficiency increase
      • Cost savings through strategic analysis & targeted negotiation
      • Process optimisation
      • Volume bundling
      • Centralisation

    • offers:

      • Consulting services: Partial or full support
      • Flexibility: Decision per process step or destination
      • Control: company-wide access to negotiated company rates
      • Different user rights: restriction of destinations or technical rights
      • Individualisation: modules for each individual customer can be adapted

    In addition, the team offers the entire value chain to support your company in hotel sourcing and create the perfect hotel program for your company:


    For more information and contact details, please visit our website:

  • 27 Jun 2023 11:40 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Hadeel Badawi is 12 years old. She lives in Masaken with her parents and two siblings. Hadeel attends afternoon formal schooling at a public school near her neighborhood. Her family fled from Idleb Syria when the crisis first hit; her dad managed to find a job in a local vegetable market and her mom takes care of the family at home.


    Hadeel attends digital training at Al Masar Community Center where she learns the basic functions of a computer as well as Microsoft Office. “Hadeel is a fast learner, she is always asking questions and curious to learn more. She is one of the top students in class and applies what she learns in a smooth and quick manner,” says the DT instructor.

    Hadeel aspires to be a lawyer in the future, she wants to work for human rights and try to make a different in this world.

  • 26 Jun 2023 11:26 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Are you looking for a central, reliable and flexible payment solution for your business travel, which you can optimally connect with your travel agent and/or integrate in your online booking tool? Our UBS Visa Lodge Card is the right solution for you.

    In close collaboration with our long-standing partner Visa, we offer our business clients the UBS Visa Lodge Card (CTA; Central Travel Account) central payment solution. The UBS Visa Lodge Card is the perfect fit, from connecting the respective travel agent partner, the expense management provider, the online booking solution to the seamless integration into your ecosystem. As a user of the UBS Visa Lodge Card, you can expect a fully integrated payment solution that is easily and individually tailored to your needs and requirements, in order to secure your mobility management.

    Besides the highly flexible integration options, we offer numerous intuitive, detailed evaluation and analysis options for your reporting. The individually adjustable additional data allow maximum optimization of the downstream booking processes. And furthermore, you are optimally insured with the Visa Lodge Card – the comprehensive insurance cover for business trips also includes protection for external travelers.

    With our additional UBS Visa Lodge Card Light option, we offer a further efficient, central payment solution for simple configurations with minimum integration effort.

    Have we sparked your interest? We look forward to advising you. Our experienced advisory and integration team will be very happy to help you.


    Stefan Laitschek – Implementation Manager UBS Visa Lodge Card (

  • 21 Jun 2023 09:21 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Dear members, 

    We are pleased to announce today the sponsoring partnership between the ASTM and UBS Switzerland AG. With this partnership, we are pursuing common goals and creating attractive possibilities in the area of Corporate Travel and Mobility Management.

    "As a leading bank, we are committed to develop innovative payment solutions and services for Commercial Cards that meet our client's expectations at all time and help them achieve their goals. By cooperating with the ASTM, we can further strengthen our commitment for quality and innovation in the area of Corporate Travel and Mobility Management", says Alexander Blattner, Head Sales Commercial Cards UBS Switzerland AG. 

    "We are convinced that this partnership will allow us to share our expertise and experience and thus to jointly contribute to our promising future. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with the ASTM", adds Robert Troy from Strategic Channel Management Commercial Cards UBS Switzerland AG.

    Best regards, 

    ASTM - Leadership Team 

    Sabah Kahoul / Dominic Short

  • 14 Jun 2023 11:10 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Due to the constant demand, the school has become an integral part of the local educational structure and is fully managed by local educational professionals. The number of students is growing steadily. The salaries of the teachers are constantly being adjusted. In order to secure the school for the future, the focus is now on expansion.

    Another floor is being rented in the existing school building this year. This will allow the classrooms to be enlarged and more children to be accommodated. Extraordinary financial means are necessary for this development step, including increased rent, more wages for more teachers, renovation work, purchase of materials, etc.

    Please support us with your donation so that we can finance the new floor and the related costs.

    Additional costs per month: US$ 5'000.-

    All the details you find here

PHONE : +4144 461 0895 | CONTACT@ASTM.ONLINE

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