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  • 26 May 2023 11:05 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    The 2023 Business Travel Innovation Faceoff Participants have been announced!

    Check them out here:

  • 11 May 2023 12:39 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Enjoy high-quality all-inclusive vacation of a special kind and quality living at the highest level inclusive all services and activities which make your holidays perfect.

    The brand new summer package includes just about everything a guest's heart desires for a carefree summer holiday: choose your favourite activities from a wide range and have everything organised by your personal chalet manager. The equipment for the adventures of your choice is of course included. Furthermore, lift tickets and a private hiking or biking guide, all meals with drinks, as well as childcare or relaxing massages are also covered by the overnight rate - an overall pampering package awaits you.

    Check out the website:

  • 5 May 2023 11:44 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    We have some exciting news for you! We are launching a new service called reTravel, which will make your travel experience with us more enjoyable and convenient. Our new service is tailored to your specific travel needs and preferences. It is designed to help you save time, reduce stress, and make your travel planning process easier and more efficient.


    reTravel uses AI and Machine Learning on anonymised datasets to predict what products you most likely need and when during your trip. Therefore, avoiding spamming and overwhelming you with offers you don’t need and focusing on elevating your booking and travel experience.


    As a traveller, you will receive an email giving suggestions for airport transfer, car rental, rail or hotel options if you still need to book one, considering your travel policy or corporate agreements. Hotel, car rental, rail and transfer bookings being made, will be instantly reflected on our booking systems, so we can fully support you when needed. Our offers are contextual and aiming at delivering value, like offering a lounge pass upon identifying a flight delay when you are already at the airport. Sending you a helpful check-in reminder to your flight with an easy check in flow, alongside the option to purchase last minute product as airport parking or attractive eSim powered data packages. Are you staying over the weekend? You might get an offer for events, museum visits, shows or top-rated restaurants with one-click reservation to delights your evenings.

    reTravel offers the best options, whether planning a business trip, attending a conference, meeting, or corporate event, or travelling for personal reasons. From hotel deals to car rental and other business and non-business-related activities, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your trip with the best deal possible.

    For more information visit:

  • 24 Feb 2023 16:27 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Mariam is from Idlib Syria, and she is 13-years old. She lives in Masaken, South of Lebanon with her parents, six sisters, and a brother.

    Five years ago, the family fled from war-torn Syria. Apart from the time they spent there harvesting olives, Mariam doesn't recall much about her childhood home in Idlib. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom, while her father does drywall and ceiling tiles.

    Life changes at a young age had an impact on Mariam’s learning and Mariam was turned down by a number of local schools. She fortunately joined our community center’s informal education program and began participating in a variety of activities, including Mourjjan4Children, digital training, and music. Due to her delay in accessing education, Mariam initially struggled to participate in class and converse with her friends. Since Mariam had never been to school, she was too hesitant to talk to anyone, even her teachers; it was difficult for her to engage in class and interact with her friends. She was also timid to express that she did not know how to read and write.

    Mariam's teachers admired her calm attitude and worked hard with her so that she could read, write, and do math like her friends. With time, Mariam gained more confidence, and her participation in the Mourjjan4Children creative program played a major role in her character building. She was passionate about drawing and would practice for countless hours without getting tired or bored. Mariam was able to overcome her shyness and demonstrate her ability to contribute to the project constructively. She generously offered advice to everyone and supported her pals. It pleased her and boosted her self-confidence. This was also evident in Mariam's routine activities at the Masar community center, run by Swiss4Lebanon, where the teachers saw the improvements Mariam made as a result of the workshop. She has learned that the road to success is paved with obstacles that she can overcome, so she now strives harder and is less scared to fail.

    Mariam responded enthusiastically when asked about the second part of the program and how excited she was to hear the facilitators were returning. She added that creating and wearing the "emotion hat" was a fantastic experience that she loved.

    Mariam hopes to work in the beauty industry as a hairdresser or makeup artist when she grows up because she believes these are careers where she can apply her artistic abilities. Her mother is very supportive of her in doing it and encourages her to "Be Creative."


  • 27 Jan 2023 12:17 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    Methkal is 5 years old and resides in Massaken, a village in South-Lebanon, with his parents, two brothers, and one sister. He is part of the Masar community center’s special needs program.

    Since Methkal was a baby, he suffered from oxygen shortages at birth, leading to several days in an incubator. His mother expressed to the center’s social worker how she always struggled with Methkal’s increased physical activity and hyperactivity; when Methkal was 2 years old he fell from the balcony from a height of 4 meters. They were living in an abandoned structure that was unsuitable for habitation. As a result of this accident, Methkal had a severe concussion.

    Methkal's mother attempted to enroll him in formal schooling, but after just two weeks he was expelled for repeatedly attempting to jump off the balcony. Methkal enrolled in the informal education program two years ago. His excessive energy and hostility toward his classmates were noted by the teachers. He used to shout and hit them, while refusing to participate in any class activities. Methkal was unable to concentrate in class, and refused to follow teacher instructions. As a result of this, Methkal was one of the students to be evaluated by a special education specialist for the special needs program.

    The evaluation showed that although Methkal is a very bright and talented child, his current learning delay and behavioral problems have been instigated by his living situation at home, where the mom is subject to regular domestic violence.

    Months after Methkal began to receive the proper guidance and care from the center’s special ed teacher, he demonstrated tremendous progress in his behavior and learning. He started to comply with classroom rules, and his concentration level enhanced greatly. Methkal regularly asks his teachers whether there will be school the following day as his only wish is to “attend the community center every single day.” He now assists his teacher, shows friendliness, and makes an effort to behave properly. He supports his pals and has made significant academic progress. The teacher is incredibly proud of him and the person he has developed into. She claims that all he required was some special attention and someone to listen to his needs.

    More information about our Center:

  • 27 Jan 2023 12:15 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    As a result of the current uncertainties for air travellers, Kuoni Business Travel is giving customers access to the services of air passenger rights experts AirHelp. The new pre-flight service package "Complete" includes access to premium lounges if departures are delayed by at least one hour, real-time advice and the legally required refunds in the event of flight delays, cancellations or baggage problems.

    Kuoni Business Travel and AirHelp are giving customers access to premium lounges in airports worldwide in the event of regular departure delays of one hour or more. This newly launched offer is part of the "Complete" pre-flight service package put together by the partners. It also includes the refund checks offered in the "Air Help Plus" package based on national and international legislation and access to real-time advice in chats by experienced experts. The prices for the services are in the single-digit Swiss franc range and are invoiced by Kuoni Business Travel depending on the individual needs of the customer before the flight.

    The fees owed by airlines for delayed and non-operated flights range up to 600 euros for flight disruptions, up to 1,400 euros for baggage problems and up to 6,000 euros for necessary passenger expenses.

    "Many business customers are foregoing refund requests"

    Andreas Schneider, Head of Kuoni Business Travel, explains: "Air passenger rights are worth hard cash. Together with AirHelp, we help our customers to get their rights". Philipp Strässle, Head of Switzerland at Air-Help, adds: "I am delighted that we are able to expand our services with our partner Kuoni Business Travel to include pre-flight services. Especially in the business travel segment, many customers refrain from making refund requests because they consider the effort involved and the waiting time to be disproportionate. We want to further expand our services in this segment.


  • 15 Dec 2022 11:47 | Mrs Bosco (Administrator)

    In response to the climate emergency, more and more companies are concerned about the impact of their operations on the environment and want to move toward a more sustainable model. At the same time, as investors and other stakeholders demand action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, companies are seeking ways to understand and manage their carbon footprint.

    At Hcorpo, we believe that each player has the power to contribute, at its own level, to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We are also aware that Business Travel makes up a significant part of a company's carbon footprint and that the hotel sector, like rail and air travel, should not be neglected. This is why we have developed H-Carbon, a new feature that helps companies quantify the emissions generated by their employees' hotel stays.

    A calculation method developed by the hotel industry

    To support its clients in their journey, Hcorpo has chosen to rely on the expertise of Greenview, the world’s leading provider of sustainability programs and data management for the hospitality and tourism sector.

    The Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool is based in part on the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index. This industry-led global data collection and benchmarking initiative takes into account factors such as energy, water, and carbon emissions from over thousands of hotels around the world.

    Using real data supplied by the industry’s global benchmarking index, Hcorpo teams are able to provide their clients with a robust estimate of the carbon footprint of their hotel nights, directly in their monthly reporting.


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